​Shangri~Llama Studio

Laura Tinthoff, Artist


Napa Valley, CA

Laura Tinthoff

I have drawn, painted and created original pieces for as long as I can remember.  Color and beauty truly invigorate me.  A day in my studio, music playing, barn doors wide open to the pasture and neighboring vineyards, mountains in the distance....it is truly my paradise.

I tell my friends that you can tell how happy I am by the amount of paint on my hands…and usually my face and clothes as well!

My art reflects the many places I have lived...Illinois, Dallas, Seattle, Florida, Massachusetts and, currently, Napa, CA.  Over the years I have worked for several companies including Neiman Marcus,  fabric design for South Seas Imports, Seattle Children's Home, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and many private client commissions throughout the country.

I work in a variety of mediums and have done "the gamut" from children's books to fine art and large installations.  Nothing makes me happier than creating a unique piece that fulfills a client's vision.   Please contact me to make your dream creation come true!

Laura and the Llamas