​Shangri~Llama Studio

Laura Tinthoff, Artist


Among the magic and many surprises of my new life in Northern California are the five wooly llamas that came with my home purchase.  I never dreamed that someday I would be a "Llama-Mama"!  

We were all a bit confused at first.  I don't know much about farm animals, so I just bought big dog bowls for the llama food. That seems to work. Of course, everyone wants the other fella's bowl, so there is a fair amount of spitting at each other.   

When they see me, they come a runnin' to the barn.  Sure is nice to be so adored!


For good behavior (which is always, since I am not sure what bad llamas do) they get clumps of hay while I happily paint in my barnyard studio.  

Llucky  Llama Llady  Llaura!

Napa Valley, CA